Matagouri at Moa Flat (NZ)

Summer day at Moa Flat, Otago (New Zealand). Matagouri or “wild Irishman” is a native, very thorny shrub/tree. See this DOC page for info. Taken by Nigel 12 Jan 2019. Discaria toumatou

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    1. As far as I recall that name has been around since the time of the early settlers and I think there were some pretty “wild” Irish among them, especially once the gold rush started. I suspect the association is more from the straggly, raggedy, unkempt outward appearance of the shrub rather than the thorns. I did a post that has a close-up of the thorns at: I’m a bit surprised that it’s the only endemic with thorns but technically that’s probably true. We have plants with nasty hooks, prickles, spears and stings so a bush walk can be pretty challenging off-track.. I may put a post together on the subject if we have enough photos.


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