Temple of Flora

In my original photo the word Digitalis is faintly visible on the base of this model foxglove, one of a collection of Brendel Models included in the Hocken Library exhibition A Garden of Earthly Delights which runs until 11 August 2019 in Dunedin, New Zealand. The models were acquired in the late 1880s and were made in Germany by father and son. [As an aside, the title of the large tome on the table is Temple of Flora.]

Robert Brendel  (1821 – 1898)
Reinhold Brendel  (1861 – 1927)


This morning I found that Judith of the WP blog  Beyond the Window Box  had conveniently posted lovely photos of real foxglove flowers and she kindly allowed me to show one of her photos here…

From Judith’s post:   Foxglove Spots


Some of the Brendel Models.  Click on the photo to enlarge


I’ve already blogged about the  colourful teaching charts  on the far wall


Recently reproduced edition of Thornton’s Temple of Flora.

Robert John Thornton, 1768 – 1837, England
The Temple of Flora, 2008
Modigliani paper bound with goatskin leather

Click on photo to enlarge


Page from Temple of Flora

Click on the page image to enlarge


These notes refer to the Brendel Models, the Temple of Flora, and to the large work table that holds the display.

Click on the image to enlarge


This is my fifth post on the exhibition. Click here to see the other posts

Here is a link to  Hocken Library website

Text and photos by Liz unless otherwise attributed; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Fascinating exhibition – love the way they’ve brought the different elements together. I’ve never seen anything like those models before!

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