A Garden of Earthly Delights

This fascinating exhibition currently on display at the Hocken Library in Dunedin is well worth a visit. We went on 29 May 2019 and were both glad we’d made the time to take a look. Items on display are drawn from many different University of Otago collections and the exhibition was curated by Robyn Notman (Head Curator of Pictorial Collections at the Hocken) and artist Heather Straka. They were inspired by their favourite painting The Garden of Earthly Delights painted by Hieronymus Bosch between 1490 and 1510.

Wikipedia article on the painting:  The Garden of Earthly Delights

The photos used in this post were taken by Nigel

Floral arrangement and information by the entrance to the exhibition.
Click on the photo to enlarge


Street outside the Hocken Library, late autumn here in New Zealand.


Hocken Library website:   home page   |   about page


Beautiful doors leading into the exhibition space


— I’ll be publishing more about what we found when we went through the doors —

To find out more now, you can read this Otago Daily Times article:

Exhibition more of a ‘garden’ adventure

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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