R U OK? Blue Tree Project

“Every so often I will see something that reminds me I am alive and worth keeping that way. Recently it is this… I pass this tree every week when I drive into the city. My kids ask me about it. What it means. Why did someone paint it? Although they are 4 and 5 years old I explain…”

Wonderful blog from Nat (Western Australia) at The Depression Free Garden. This is the first I’d heard of the Blue Tree Project. Well worth following her Farm Weekly link to read how this project got started – very real and meaningful.

At:  I’m not ashamed to speak up about my mental illness… Are you?


Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Benjamin loves this Blue Tree and read the message painted on the tree aloud to me, immediately answering himself with a “yes”! I had previously read about the “Blue Tree Project” and the story behind it some time ago. I did not share that part with Benjamin, as I feel that suicide should initially be a parental discussion. I have a personal experience with suicide and have never truly found peace with it myself. Having lost his paternal “Grampy” over a year ago, Benjamin is aware of naturally occurring death. Natural death is a topic that has been addressed through books for children with Benjamin by myself, along with discussions as his parents were unable to at the time. I did go to Nat’s blog and read her post, becoming another of her followers too. Thank-you!

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    1. There’s big issues here in NZ with both mental health problems and suicide rates. I haven’t previously come across such a simple, effective way to raise awareness; I think this’d work really well in rural farm areas (rural communities have really struggled with mental health issues here).


      1. Thank you Liz for even considering sharing my post. It means a great deal to me ❤.

        And thank you to Ann also for taking the time to read (and even follow). Such a lovely feeling.

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