Fossil Lake, Foulden Maar

Beautiful drawing of Foulden Maar fossil lake deposit. “This reconstruction of the 23-million-year-old fossil lake deposit Foulden Maar in Otago, New Zealand, was commissioned by palaeontologist Dr Daphne Lee and drawn by artist/ecologist Dr Paula Peeters. The preservation of the site is so good that individual flowers, leaves, and insects can be identified. The drawing appeared in Lee, D.E., Kaulfuss, U., Conran, J.G., Bannister, J.M. & Lindqvist, J.K., (August 2016). “Biodiversity and palaeoecology of Foulden Maar: an early Miocene Konservat-Lagerstätte deposit in southern New Zealand.” Alcheringa 40.”

Description above is from the  image download page

I included a small portion of this drawing in my previous post  They Don’t Bat an Eyelid  with permission from the artist Dr Paula Peeters.

This morning I found the whole drawing has been kindly donated to Wikimedia Commons under an open licence for anyone to use. I’ve downloaded a 1.34 Mb version – so that you can view it large-size  CC-BY-4.0

— Click on the drawing to enlarge —

A reconstruction of the New Zealand Miocene fossil site Foulden Maar by artist Paula Peeters

Dr Paula Peeters has a PhD in ecology and is also an artist. At her WP blog Paperbark Writer she has a blog-post about how she developed the concept to final drawing:  Drawing on Queensland’s present to recreate New Zealand’s past

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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