Creativity is Crucial to All Studies

It’s Sunday here in New Zealand and this morning I sat down to read a new post from a blog I’ve only just started following. I really appreciated the discussion and understood the writer’s concerns – due to my familiarity with the challenges that Nigel faces as a Landscape Architect. Any photos used below are our own. — Liz

Cloth shopping bag that came free in a magazine.. love the design. Taken by Liz

“To be creative is to have the ability to imagine or make something beyond imitating what already exists.”

“The reason that this discussion is important to consider, is that there seems to be a disconnect in society with the arts and sciences, as if they are mutually exclusive. I have had a longtime personal annoyance about schools and our culture emphasizing STEM only (science, technology, engineering, math) for about a decade, because it was shortsighted. All of those subjects require innovation, design, and creativity. The Arts are not separate from them. Nor are the Arts a pitiable step-sibling to advancement, only to be seriously acknowledged politely, but awkwardly, in the public square.”

Both quotes are taken from  Creativity is Crucial to All Studies

— a discussion by Laelia Watt (Texas, USA). Artist, writer and musician

Rather than prepare my own post today I thought I’d share this link to Laelia’s post, much enjoyed by myself AND Nigel!

Nigel is a Landscape Architect working primarily in Southland and Otago. Here he’s promoting his business Growplan at the Wanaka A&P Show in 2018. Taken by a fellow stall-holder

Laelia Watt blogs at:   Laelia Watt

Nigel blogs at:   Growplan

He did a stand this year at the same Wanaka show and published a post about it with great photos HERE

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

7 thoughts on “Creativity is Crucial to All Studies

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  1. Without the arts, specifically music throughout school, I don’t think I would have tried so hard to keep my grades up. At the time, music was my only reason in looking forward to college.

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  2. Oh, that does remind me of what it was like when I was at school. (Such a long time ago!) The STEM subjects were seen as the practical ones, while arts were viewed as being of not much use. Sad! And it made life difficult for the creative kids…I’m still regretting the effects of it now!

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    1. When I was at school it didn’t pay to be seen as “clever”. Sport was what mattered and if you were proficient at your subjects and good at sport then that seemed to be deemed success – the good “all-rounder” was much applauded.. needless to say I was useless at sport! Art was barely on my radar.. I saw it just as a hobby. I went to a rural school in a poorly resourced region so choices were pretty limited anyway.

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      1. I lost interest in ‘sport’ when I realised (didn’t take long at all) that sport wasn’t. It was warfare with tighter rules (only applied when the ref was watching) and that any notion of so-called ‘sportsmanship’ was a manifestation of exploitable weakness. Yeuch …

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