Crazy About Clyde

Back on track about the autumn visit to Central Otago on 30 April when I had a Momentous ice-cream treat and saw Snow and Sheep out the car window. Fast-forward to where we ended up.. in Clyde. I really love beautiful Clyde!

Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand

We drove the Earnscleaugh back road with its pretty orchards, over the Clyde Bridge and straight to the Post Office Cafe and Bar. After ordering, I wandered outside to photograph the bridge and found this crabapple tree smothered in gorgeous crabapples (the complementary red car is ours, by the way).


The cyclist below, from Alexandra, was preparing to leave and he told me that recently when cycling he’d encountered bees and got one in his mouth – it stung him on the lip and the swelling was still visible. I invited him back inside to meet Nigel, we had a few things in common and it was a pleasure to meet him.


Love the big smiley face on back of the young woman who was putting our order together (and she herself couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful)

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” — Phyllis Diller


To our joy there was a cheerful fire burning in the fireplace..


and I have more photos to share of the crabapples and bridge soon 🙂


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Post Office Cafe and Bar

Postmasters House in Clyde

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STONE BUILDING – you don’t say!

Cottages in Clyde

Cottage with Hollyhocks

The Golden Era in Clyde

St Dunstan’s Catholic Church, Clyde

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. I love how our clothes can reflect our mood. (Smiley t shirt) People watching in Wellington once I saw people getting off the train dressed all in black trudging to work, head down. But 1 woman in a red coat bounced past full of the joy of life. Its perhaps simplistic to say, look what a bit of colour can do for your day but I’m a believer.

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  2. You’re putting me in the mood for summer explorations – feels like a long time since we’ve managed to roam far here! But the weather will soon be right for it… 🙂

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