Feathers Aren’t Always Fragile

Wisdom from a Great Blue Heron chick in South Carolina, USA. Are you feeling small, vulnerable and powerless? Right now it’s a fight for survival… find the inner mongrel. Be fierce! Keep building strength (be patient, it takes time). One day you will FLY

Photos taken by Ellen Jennings from  Passing By Photo  and used with permission.

Text by a kiwi chick who fights her own demons at times

—  Click on any photo below to see a larger version

It’s a wild world

An angel of light can be a devil in disguise (Great Egret)


1. Don’t get in a Flap

2. Face the Foe

3. Be Fierce (fluff those feathers)


Check all’s clear

Calm down


Important: Stay in shape!

If I wingercize regularly, one day I’ll spread my wings and FLY


Further Reading

I selected these photos from a series of three blog-posts by Ellen Jennings, listed here in the order they were published. To read Ellen’s text and see more photos, click on the links:

Scram, Great Egret

Scram, Great Egret, 2

GBH Chick Wingercizing

Text by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019). Photos by Ellen Jennings

14 thoughts on “Feathers Aren’t Always Fragile

Add yours

    1. Ellen’s photos are wonderful.. the chick however is a Great Blue Heron chick. The egret is the beautiful white bird (the demon in disguise) who would do the GBH chick harm if it thought it could get away with it.

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  1. I think wingercise will be my new go-to morning ritual and Be Fierce my new mantra. I love this, it’s playful, funny and yet full of truth. Feathers aren’t always fragile, that is beautiful, like your butterfly, those tiny wings as delicate as a flower’s petal and yet how far she can fly…

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    1. As soon as I saw the courageous chick with its feathers fluffed, your “fragile feathers” came to mind.. I was encouraged just in the writing of it! We should both of us wingercise regularly Dami, adopt the mantra, and encourage each other to fly 🙂

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