This large bare 1320m section is a block or two up the street from us in Tapanui. I know nothing about its destiny or why the simple house that used to be there is gone. We walked past a few days ago on a beautiful sunny day (cloudy, grey and overcast since). I was drawn by the entrance – the wooden gate is missing but the letterbox is still intact. It speaks to me in some way even though the photo is poor, taken at the brightest time of day with sunlight streaming down. I’ll keep an eye on what develops there!

66 Northumberland Street, Tapanui

If you’re curious about what used to be there you can view it  HERE

Text and photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

7 thoughts on “Transition

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  1. Moving home is hard work indeed. I found it has taken time to settle and establish a routine here too. I’m sure in time you’ll find your confidence again. Xx

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        1. Your interest has given my spirits a boost Nat. I wavered, unsure if the content of this post was perhaps too mundane – it’s very nice of you to take an interest in it with me!


          1. Nope. Your post content isn’t mundane. There is something special about the empty space (for me anyway). I like looking forward. Anticipation. Who knows what will be built. It is exciting. Plus I am glad it has helped reassure you too.

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            1. Thank you Nat! We’ve just moved to Tapanui a week ago and I had to knock off blogging for a little while. I’ve lost my rhythm and your encouraging words are much appreciated!

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