Lovely Lily

This lovely lily was blooming in Gore Gardens when I visited 25 Jan 2019. I’ve been wanting to post it and what better time than now when the total number of followers has just rolled over to 900. Thank you for following!


The above image is cropped from the photo below.


— Photo taken by Liz in Gore Gardens, Southland, New Zealand

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. Hi Michael.. thank you. It took a long time to reach 100 followers, then a WP editor featured my blog – another 400 followers resulted and steadily grew. I think sharing and being genuine help. I’ve included guest posts, featured other people’s work (with permission) – posts, images and poems, enjoyed interactions, and I visit and appreciate many other bloggers’ work. It’s very much a 2-way communication and I can honestly say that for what I’ve put in, I’ve received so much more in return. It also probably helps that a lot of people like NZ!


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