Weathered or Worn

Leya’s challenge is for  weathered or worn. I still have some photos from when we attended the 60th Anniversary Rally of the Southland Steam Engine Club at Brydone near Gore on 09 Feb 2019. Southland, New Zealand. Photos by Liz

Southland Steam Engine Club – Yard

The club’s based at the site of an old dairy factory (1905). The event was held on a large grass area but we also wandered around the dairy factory and yard.

I was drawn like a magnet to this old wooden machine stored by the building.
Click on the photo to enlarge .. [please do – best seen LARGE]


Visitors were welcome to visit the boiler room


Old hand tools


It’s a bit of a climb to reach some of the valves on the boiler!


Steam engine warming up for the parade
Click on the photo to enlarge


There’s two or three photos of the dairy factory in this  previous post

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

10 thoughts on “Weathered or Worn

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    1. I lost my intial reply to you when I tried to send it and my internet connection had gone awol! Nigel suggested it might be a thresher and I think so too. I’ve got photos of a similar thing that was on the event field, will post those sometime soon hopefully.

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      1. Ugg, when the technology isn’t working right it leaves me wondering if we are better off! Thresher fits with what little I know about farm machinery, too. Part of my childhood was spent on a farm and my dad went through many crop ideas, one of which was growing wheat. He had an old harvesting machine with many wooden parts that I got to help run one fall.

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  1. That looks like a fascinating place. Love it when you find things like this that are still there – brings you into contact with history…

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