Mousedrops anyone?

I read this food cabinet sign as “Mousedrops” and wondered if it’s a new menu item to complement “Mousetraps”. Ha! Then the penny dropped, it does say Mousetraps but the writing style had me fooled. FYI mousetraps are melted-cheese toasties with extra ingredients eg vegemite, bacon, spaghetti.

There’s some mousetraps sitting on the top shelf just left of centre – I guess they’d had to shuffle the food around a bit. New Zealand


Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. You reminded me of thinking that a TV advert for opal fruits was saying ‘Fresh with the tang of sixpence’ when it actually said citrus. It was only when I wondered aloud how they could still get away with saying sixpence when they were more expensive that I learnt the error of my ways.

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