Solitude and Engagement

Encouragement arrived this morning in the form of a Snowy Egret, a Pelican and a Dolphin. The Snowy Egret so splendid in his solitude. The dolphin and pelican spontaneously playing.. engagement. I enjoyed this so much it was like a tonic, providing some relief from the current pressing concerns in NZ.

Taken From:   Unexpected Playmates

Source:  V.J. Knutson who blogs at One Woman’s Quest II

Selection of material from the post Unexpected Playmates by V.J. Knutson, used with the permission of the author. The dolphin-pelican story is great fun and I hope you’ll follow the link to read their story.

Location: Gulf Coast, Texas USA (I got the location from the post comments)

“I also catch this snowy egret, perched on a post and huddled against the wind. He too, ignores my lens, and as he turns his head, I get a good closeup of that feathery mane.”



The dolphin’s a tease and the pelican’s a good sport – here’s the link to their story:


Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019).
Images and quote used with permission of V.J. Knutson

14 thoughts on “Solitude and Engagement

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  1. It just breaks my heart what happened in Christchurch. I’ve been thinking about NZ a lot lately. I’m glad you were able to find some positive feelings in these encounters!

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  2. Thanks for the post – I follow both of VJ’s blogs but can only get to so many posts during the week and so because of you I was able
    To see that unique experience – right on

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    1. Thanks Tanja. We’ve just walked in the door from having a little break outside. I’d noticed some roadside pink wild carrot flowers (Achillea) from the car yesterday and Nigel drove me back there – we’ve both been taking photographs with his cellphone camera. If any turn out well I’ll be posting them in the near future 🙂


    1. Absolutely! My husband just arrived home and I got him to take a look – he enjoyed reading about the pelican and the dolphin. What a special experience to witness that!

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