Which Way

Which Way is a sufficient title for this post and I warn you.. the following is an account of extreme violence that happened in NZ this afternoon. I checked the online news and read that gunmen struck two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. I understand there are nine confirmed deaths and many more injured.

I’d earlier told Nigel I’d post this photo next, as a Which Way post. I wondered whether to publish and decided to do it… the words Which Way won’t leave my head – which way will we in NZ go now? Its pointless wondering really – too early to know what’s behind what happened. Arrests have been made and in due course we’ll find out what led to this tragic event.

For:  Which Way Challenge – March 14, 2019

Nigel took this photo in the native garden at Queens Park, Invercargill on March 02, 2019. Southland, New Zealand


The foreground is mostly Hebes with the long, thin silvery leaves of Astelia.

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Text by Liz and photo by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. It has been a shocking news to me when my sister played the video, I could hear men crying loud shocked I couldn’t look at the video I asked her to stop playing it, poor men they were just praying in the mosque.. My heart can’t stand all this violence and neither can my brain, hope they will catch the terrorists who have done this massacre 💔

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    1. You are right not to watch the video – it would be very upsetting and there is no point to watch it. It’s deeply shocking that this happened (and in NZ very unexpected) but remember there are many good and brave people in the world whose stories don’t usually make the headlines in the same way. Take heart!

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  2. I was so sorry to hear the news last night and thought about you right away. Because I live so near to the US, I am used to hearing horrible stories like this. And we had something similar in Quebec last year. But it was so shocking to hear about it happening in NZ. I was impressed by the way your Prime Minister spoke about it. Take care.

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  3. I love the picture but what terrible news, Liz! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the headlines this morning. We are so used to reading about gun violence in this country but NZ always seemed to be a relatively peaceful place.

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    1. When I first saw the headline I couldn’t believe it either. I remember reading it to Nigel and saying that surely this is a practice emergency for the services and then reading through the content and saying, no – this is real. Initially I couldn’t get my head around it, that such a thing had happened here.

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  4. Thanks for joining in, but I’m so, so sorry to hear about what happened yesterday. It’s so senseless. Sadly, we’re all too accustomed to this kind of tragedy here in the US. Just baffling. 😔

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    1. Saturday morning now as I write this, warm and sunny. Yesterday has gone thank goodness, now a new day. I haven’t read the latest news yet – I don’t want to start my day reading the news.. but I’d better catch up with it again soon!


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