Waipapa Point Lighthouse

This is my weather vane post but the lighthouse is interesting in its own right. Its an historic and working lighthouse, automated these days (since 1975). This is one of the last wooden lighthouses built in New Zealand and was first lit on January 01, 1884. Happily for the visitor its very easy to get to, not far from the highway and the road is tar-sealed all the way to the carpark. From there its a very pleasant walk to see the lighthouse (there’s two walking paths so you can do a circuit which is what I’d recommend).

Waipapa Point is in the South Catlins near Fortrose, Southland, New Zealand. Photos taken by Liz (L) and Nigel (N) on 17 Feb 2019 (except for the last photo)

For more info about the lighthouse see the last photo, and also the link below it

For:  Weather Vane Wednesday Challenge – Feb 27, 2019

I’ve loaded larger-size photos for all of the horizontal images so for a closer view you can click on the photo to enlarge (then click again for max size).

(N) My photo into the sun didn’t work but Nigel’s turned out surprisingly well. I’ve cropped off the exceedingly bright bit at the top


(L) Looking south. This is the bottom-end of the South Island


(N) The little figure is me.. I’m always fascinated by that vast oceanic expanse. Somewhere far over the distant horizon lies Antarctica! Isn’t that awesome?


(L) I was pretty happy with this photo of lighthouse and wind vane


(N) Nigel took the photo of this information board in Sept 2014. If you’d like to see a larger view of the plan detail let me know as he took another shot just of the plan. Click on the photo to enlarge


NB: there’s a very interesting short article at  Lighthouse life at Waipapa Point

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

12 thoughts on “Waipapa Point Lighthouse

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  1. Such calming photos! I happen to like your first photo as well as your other ones. The first one gives such an interesting viewpoint of the lighthouse. I love all the bushy grasses. I also really like the photo of you to show how expansive the sky is! Wow! 👍

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    1. Yes! Nigel managed to capture the detail in spite of the bright sunlight and it turned out very well. Like you, we also like the grasses and the big sky. Its a very wild place (hugely windy and we were struggling to steady our cameras) but you’ve picked up on the feeling of calmness. I can’t explain why such a wild location is calming but its a super special place to visit!

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  2. I love the sky in the second photo down – it makes a great background for the lighthouse. (It’s something about the shape/direction of the clouds – nice!)

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  3. Nice photos! It’s hard to believe a wooden building has survived there since 1884, looking neat as a pin, looking like a little pepper-grinder, must be tremendous winds sometimes. And I agree, amazing to think Antarctica is on the other side of that water.

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  4. Thanks for taking part in this week’s challenge. The photo with the landscape and sky and sea is awesome. Are you the figure in red? The weather vane is terrific. I love the red arrow. I’ll include a link back to your post in next week’s challenge. Thanks again!

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