Wide Open Spaces

Returning home to Gore from Oamaru we turned off the highway at Palmerston and came home via Central Otago. Nigel stopped to take photos of the tussock land along the way. This is a region of wide open native grassland grazed by hardy sheep. The landscape is huge, the skies are huge, the long tussock grasses make sweeping patterns as they’re blown in the wind. Its beautiful to be here.

Central Otago, New Zealand. Photos taken by Nigel 22 Jan 2019

The tussock grasses are flowering and look very fluffy, softly flowing in the wind. In the foreground there’s a haze of exotic grasses and wild carrot flowers.

Click on either photo to enlarge



Text by Liz, photos taken by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)


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    1. Central Otago is like that, I love it when we’re driving through this region with its big open tussock landscapes – especially when the wind is blowing the tussocks!


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