AMP Amicus in Oamaru

Early this year I did a blog-post about  Mother Amicus  in the old rose garden in Queens Park, Invercargill. We were standing on a street corner in Oamaru and I suddenly realised a statue perched on top of the opposite building was the same figure as what I’d seen in Invercargill.

These photos show the Oamaru Amicus, on the Australian Mutual Provident Society (AMP) building. (The Invercargill Amicus statue in the rose garden was presented to Invercargill by the AMP Society.)

Oamaru, East Otago, New Zealand. First two photos taken by Nigel 21 Jan 2019

Mother Amicus “a sure friend in uncertain times”

(The quote is taken from the plaque that’s by the Invercargill statue.)


The building (adjacent to the Tees Street Cafe that I posted about this morning).


And a photo I found online that shows more detail. Click on the photo to enlarge


Photo Credit: Tim Parkinson CC BY 2.0

The North Otago Club was based in the building for a long time and because of that there’s quite a few details of the history of the building in a 2014 Otago Daily Times article about the Club winding up. The article also includes photos.

Text by Liz, first two photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)


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