Country Pumpkin

Coming home from Oamaru, its a long drive. We’d come through via Palmerston and Central Otago, stopped for a mob of sheep and then for refreshments at Omakau. We were almost out of Central Otago when I thought it would be nice to get some fruit. Peirce Orchard loomed before me and instead of the usual pumpkin piles there were lots of signs about fruit so I pulled into their yard. Photos taken 22 Jan 2019

Peirce Orchard “The Pumpkin Place”, Millers Flat, Central Otago, New Zealand

For:  Which Way Challenge – Feb 21, 2019

Apricots and cherries… yum! In pumpkin season there’s literally PILES of pumpkins


Plenty of parking and the shop’s in front of the packing shed


Undercover garlic. LOTS of bunches of garlic! We went inside, bought a box of mixed fruit and immediately began eating the utterly irresistable cherries


I had to go and check out the little red tractor. Yes, it’s a Massey Ferguson! I lived on an orchard until I was about four and used to sit in an empty wooden apple box on the trailer when my father or brother were taking a trailer-load of fruit to the packing shed. The tractor they drove was a red Massey Ferguson like this 🙂


The mighty Clutha River runs through the valley. I wandered over to the pallets and peered down the hill and yes, I could just catch a view of the river!


For the record the fruit was delicious. I’d call in here again any time!

Text and photos by Liz except the garlic photo by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. I agree that you might not want to leave. If you do come, then give yourself as long as you possibly can. I can’t remember where you’re from Irene – would you please remind me?

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    1. One of the things I love about blogging is connecting with people in the most unexpected ways and its so encouraging to get your comment! I confess that I didn’t know what MD.s stood for but a quick re-visit to your blog tells me this must be “Marylands”. Thanks for sharing!


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