Baark of the Town

We wanted a leg-stretch and wandered up a street leading out of the town centre of Oamaru. Being uphill it also gave us a vantage point from which to take a few photos. This striking shop stopped us in our tracks and after taking photos we returned to town.

Baarkers Dog Grooming, 36 Tees Street, Oamaru. Photos taken 21 Jan 2019
Oamaru is on the east coast in East Otago, New Zealand
— The above link is to their website and its worth a visit – very nice website

“We’re the Baark of the Town”

— photos taken by Liz (L) and Nigel (N)

This sight is what stopped us.. the building is seriously eye-catching! (L)


The planter contrasts nicely with the front and matches the side-wall (L)
— also love the round window and Pride of Madeira plant at the neighbour’s


Another view of the shop front (N)


Shop and next-door house with another adorable round window (N)


Good-looking neighbours.. and just LOOK at those Pride of Madeira heads!  (L)


Tees Street view toward the town centre of Oamaru (N). Click on photo to enlarge


Text by Liz, photos taken by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)


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  1. Oamaru is a fascinating place. We visited there a few years ago, but really didn’t have time to do it justice, so I’m enjoying seeing your photos.

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