These Remain

The last photos from our trip to Riverstone on 22 January. When I look at the “remains” its always a toss-up whether they get used or deleted. Did they get left to last because they’re not very interesting or are they worth posting? In this case I’ve decided to post and I hope some of these will capture your interest!

Photos taken at  Riverstone  just north of Oamaru, East Otago, New Zealand. Taken by Liz (L) and Nigel (N)

Riverstone Castle (N). Click on the photo to enlarge


Unusual beast (L).. first I thought I’d found a moose but looking at the horn it’s more likely a cattle beast – whether ox, cow or bull I know not! Partially obscured by falling native flax stalks now heavy with pods. Click on the photo to enlarge


Path lined with native cabbage trees (Cordyline australis). (L)


Delightfully lumpy-looking native plant (N)


Path leading from an orchard area to the carpark (N)


Colourful display including a native flax cultivar (N). Click on the photo to enlarge


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. Many of our native plants have a wild bushy form when young so I’m not sure what it is and also I don’t know if the gardeners have “shaped” it a bit or not.. it’s hard to know! It looked pretty funny – in a nice way!


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