A Yarn About Wool

Sheep and wool. Sheep are everywhere in New Zealand. There’s no shortage of wool either. Taken by Liz through a shop window in Oamaru.


“The Woolstore”. One of the Victorian commercial buildings in the Historic Precinct in Oamaru. These are built of Oamaru Stone (limestone) and are often referred to as whitestone buildings. Most were built in the period 1865 – 1885. Taken by Liz


We’d had some cafe refreshments in the Victorian Precinct and I wanted to walk down the other end of the building and see what was out back. I was surprised to find a whole lot of wool bales! And a forklift driver moving them into a warehouse next-door. Retracing our steps I could smell the unmistakeable odour that assails me anytime we’re near a farm woolshed. Taken by Liz.


Later we were walking on a street outside the Precinct when I saw “The Woolstore” in the distance and asked Nigel to take a photo.. oh, and kudos to Hynds – storage yards in NZ are rarely as tidy as this! Click on the photo to enlarge


“The Woolstore” reflected in the shop window across the street. Taken by Liz.


That’s the Oamaru wool and sheep photos covered but we came across real sheep on our way home, hardly surprising – this IS New Zealand!

We drove back to Gore via Central Otago. This involves driving the “pig route” from Palmerston to Ranfurly and then carrying on to Alexandra, then turning south to Gore; however we stopped at O-ma-cow (nah not really! – Omakau) for refreshments. I just ran this silly wordplay past Nigel and he’s like.. “I’ve got a photo of a car rego plate with that!” and sure enough. He took this photo in Omakau and the car belongs to some people who own an accommodation place in the town. Click on photo to enlarge.


The place we stopped for refreshments had an amazingly colourful bathroom floor and Nigel took a photo of it… hahaha – this is pretty eye-catching!


Anyway, getting back to the real sheep. On the road. Photos taken by Nigel.

There’s a hold-up ahead..


Middle management full of self-importance


Woolly jumpers and middle-management looking confused (the gate’s closed)


Soon the gate was opened and the sheep shot through. We shot through too.


Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)
Photos taken 21 and 22 Jan 2019

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  1. Ah, sheep….there were a lot of those in the ‘far north’ of Scotland, where I was brought up. (My parents even had a few at a time.) Trouble was that the local farmers sheep were always escaping through his dilapidated fences and ending up in our garden. Mum said they ate all her tulips one year!

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