Looking At Houses

Remember when I visited the  Sunbeam Milk Bar  in Gore? We took a walk along a street while there and found the different properties very interesting, a surprising number of art deco details evident. They’re humble abodes but I felt very at-home with the houses in this street; I remember that, in regard to the first house shown below Nigel referred to it as being very “honest”. I really liked that term!

Gore, Southland, New Zealand. Photos taken 25 January 2019

This house had a for sale sign out front. Cool art deco boundary wall.

gore_street_01Taken by Nigel

A boundary hedge is common in New Zealand. Nice little art deco gate. Some of the windows arched at the top. Nice!


We walked around a corner to find this beautifully maintained ex state house


I’ve enlarged the window area to show the cute pukeko (swamp hen) ornament


This property has seen better days! Its kinda cute with its curving path lead-in.


Restrained art deco


And the full-on art deco beauty next door (2 photos). The first photo is heavily light-adjusted for the really bright midday light; the second one has medium adjustment.



Text by Liz, first photo by Nigel and the rest by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Synchronicity rules with you and me it seems! You will not believe this Liz … but that house with the pukeko in the window was where my Nana and Granddad lived for ten or so happy years! I had happy times staying there as a kid and when I went to Gore High School, would go to my Nana’s there in that house for many happy lunches. Happy memories. I love that house.

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      1. Isn’t it? Out of a whole town, that I should end up taking photos in that very street and of that very house! It’s not even like I take many photos of houses. Hahaha.. quite mind blowing Tanja 🙂

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