Macandrew Bay

There’s a few shops at Macandrew Bay and we also found an old cemetery with the Macandrew name appearing on some plots. Having shown you the local community library and the tiny library I thought I’d share some other things we saw. This is the last Macandrew Bay post.

Macandrew Bay is on the Otago Peninsula not far from Dunedin City. New Zealand. Photos taken 18 January 2019

On the opposite corner from the community library is the Macandrew Bay Store. I really like the flock of terns painted on the horizontal board under the gutter. Click on the photo to enlarge


There’s an art gallery in this building. Portobello Road carries on up the Otago Peninsula by the Otago Harbour. Click on the photo to enlarge


We found an entry into a peaceful cemetery (old and modern plots)

Click on the photo below to enlarge


The following photo was taken near the entrance. The tall memorial pillar is on a Macandrew plot


Close-up view of the pillar base


Another view of the shops and the wall stencil, taken by Nigel


Text and photos by Liz unless otherwise attributed; Exploring Colour (2019)

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