Overnight in Oamaru

In January when we stayed in Oamaru overnight, we chose a hotel that we’ve dined in several times but never stayed at – The Brydone Hotel. Its an old building and we weren’t sure if we’d like the accommodation but were pleasantly surprised and very happy with our room which even included a bath in the bathroom. Here’s a small selection of photos to show something of the hotel and surrounds.

Photos taken 21 or 22 January 2019

The hotel is a large corner building facing onto the main street and very handy for walking anywhere in the town centre. It has its own restaurant and bar and the staff are friendly and helpful. When we first walked out onto the (side) street from the hotel I was greatly taken with the colourful street garden. By Liz


In the above photo also note the far building way down the street. That’s a 1907 beauty, the Oamaru Opera House. We’ll be coming back to that later. Its your first introduction to one of the many “Oamaru Stone” buildings or whitestone buildings. There’s lots of them – Brydone Hotel itself is a Victorian whitestone building.

I arrived at the hotel before Nigel and after checking in at Reception I was all agog at this classic staircase heading upstairs – the route to our room! By Nigel


A photo I took of the bottom bannister detail


At the top of the staircase is a spacious landing with a large mirror. By Liz


Nigel couldn’t resist having a peek through the door just to the right of the mirror. He found this really cool meeting room. Through the window you can see the Opera House. By Liz


Feeling playful…


Once I’d walked WAY down a very LONG passage, I reached our room. This is a huge building and I found that we were in the very last room at the opposite end of the building from Reception. I liked it.. I could see the sea and the windows could be opened. When I looked out the window I spotted a distant weather vane. Here it is – it will be the subject of a future post. By Liz


In the evening we returned to the hotel bar and ordered dessert. The bar faces the main street and we could see the Opera House through the window. We were waiting for dessert when we noticed the Opera House was lit up! Wow! I rushed outside to get photos. Then I went back inside and we were in for a treat. Not only did we have a delicious dessert but there was a fabulous light show with the Opera House being lit up in many different colours. Pink had only been the start. After that there was a fast changing repetition of lots of different colours – sometimes lots of colours all at the same time, and in different patterns and sequences. It was awesome!



Finally we got back to our room and looking out the window there was a wonderful big moon shedding moonlight on the surface of the sea.. magic! My photo certainly doesn’t do the scene justice but gives an idea!


Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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