Oamaru Railway: Nigel

In Oamaru the railway tracks are located right next to the ocean, forming a boundary between town and sea. On 21 January we both enjoyed exploring this area near the old railway station and my photos have already been posted in  Which Way: Oamaru Railway. I wanted to select from Nigel’s photos for this post.

Oamaru, East Otago, New Zealand. Photos taken by Nigel

I cropped this square from a vertical shot. Located near the old Oamaru Railway Station, the creature is made from plywood and is visible from a long distance


KiwiRail sign at the ocean end of the KiwiRail depot carpark


Nigel had the foresight to line up the top of the letters with the horizon line in both of these photos. I really like the effect!


Here’s the context of the KiwiRail sign. Note the KiwiRail logo on the side of the building is a stylized NZ silver fern.  KiwiRail website


Multiple railroad tracks and the Pacific Ocean


The railroad tracks lead into town. Nigel is a landscape architect so his main interest here is the small shrub, a native coprosma, successfully establishing itself in this narrow crack – a feat that earns it a special description as an intersticial plant.


Text by Liz. Photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. It was a good idea to line uptake lettering. I’d never have thought of that. And thanks for the new word – intersticial. I hope I remember it next time I see a pavement plant. They are little miracles.

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    1. Nigel was very happy to hear your comment.. thanks Mike! A previous owner of the station was going to have a dinosaur exhibit so I guess it dates back to then. He ended up selling, I have no idea if the exhibit ever opened at all.


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