Maple Glen Pink

As we explored Maple Glen Gardens on 26 January 2019 I was surprised how much pink I came across in the gardens. I don’t think we’ve visited at this time of year before and it looked quite different – the bright dahlias that I’ve already posted about and all these pink flowers that I found further on in our walk.

Maple Glen Gardens at Glenham, near Wyndham, Southland, New Zealand

Pink at Maple Glen Gardens

Black swan on a pond


Taken a few moments later.. the ripples are from the swan


Pink flowers on their own


and pink flowers in swathes



Beautiful lily that I saw just as we were leaving the gardens


I was drawn to the shape, colour and texture of these Rodgersia leaves. My next Maple Glen post will have more Rodgersia photos


Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

15 thoughts on “Maple Glen Pink

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    1. I don’t remember about pollinators on the pink plumes. From my Yellow And Mauve post there were lots of pollinators on the mounds of mauve Erica (heather), and quite a few around the vicinity of the yellow thistle-flowers.

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  1. Lovely! Your pictures remind me of many Scottish gardens – the conditions must be very similar. The swathes of pink are astilbes, which we used to grow when we lived in Scotland. I miss them, so it’s a happy reminder to see them here. 🙂

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