Radiant Transformation

Stunning sunset at St Clair in Dunedin. Nigel was privileged to witness this fiery spectacle sometime after 9pm. He was walking in the opposite direction down the beach when the deepening glow enticed him to turn around. He had his Olympus digital camera and took these two photos among others, which I’ll share over multiple posts.

Nigel was in Dunedin for work and took these photos on Thursday evening, 31 January 2019. He is a Landscape Architect and Director of Growplan Ltd providing professional landscape design services throughout Southland and Otago (and further).

Growplan  website  |  blog

St Clair Esplanade and Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand

My favourite photo. If you enlarge it you’ll see there’s a dog standing in the water near the old wharf piles and a little further to the left are a couple of seabirds flying near the water (only faintly visible). *Click on the photo to enlarge*


Also very lovely, taken slightly earlier. *Click on the photo to enlarge*


Text by Liz, Photos taken by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

28 thoughts on “Radiant Transformation

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    1. You win the prize for Most Colourful Comment Dami.. well done my friend! 🙂 -Liz
      Thanks Dami, the peak effect lasted for less than a minute, but when it happened I could almost hear the colour. Nigel

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    1. Only occasionally that we see such extremely colourful ones as this. I was so happy that Nigel was there at such a lovely spot, at just the right time, with his good camera in hand!

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