Which Way: Potatoes

We were driving home to Gore via a country road on 12 January when some strange characters at the roadside had me urging Nigel to turn around so I could take a closer look. This farmer sells potatoes during Christmas / New Year and has a unique way of getting motorists' attention. For:  Which Way... Continue Reading →

Bottled Sunshine

Drink Lane's Bottled Sunshine. This delightful old-fashioned milk bar is on a street in Gore and I've been wanting to visit ever since I spotted it in late December. Yesterday I got there during the day and took photos of the outside before venturing into the shop. I don't remember seeing such an authentic old... Continue Reading →

What Happens in Dunedin?

I browsed the noticeboard in Dunedin Public Library when we visited the city on Thurs 17 January and found many interesting events. The posters were attractive and colourful and I had this idea of taking a photo of each one that I liked and then posting them on my blog as a snap-shot of Dunedin... Continue Reading →

Wind Vane Windfall

I thought there were no wind vanes to be found in Balclutha until one day I spied a harness racing one from the highway. Another time I spied a wind vane on the other side of the highway. This evening I found THREE MORE wind vanes in Balclutha! I wanted to photograph all five so... Continue Reading →

Flying in Dunedin NZ

In the Dunedin public library I noticed these birds on a corner of the blue carpet. Dunedin is a harbourside city so I assume they’re seabirds.. what a nice acknowledgement of the local environment!

Ahead On Points

This impressive stag with massive antlers is in the deer park at Bannerman Park, Gore, Southland, New Zealand. We walked into town yesterday despite terrible weather and were rewarded when we found the stag near the fence. Nigel had his cellphone and took photos from which I've made a selection and cropped as needed. Text... Continue Reading →

Something Fishy

I've already mentioned that Nigel parked near a fish shop at Musselburgh last week and we got out of the car to find that the air ponged of fish. The shop looked interesting though and later I returned to have a closer look. Musselburgh, Dunedin, New Zealand. Photos taken by Liz 17 Jan 2019 As... Continue Reading →

All About Love

In yesterday's post I shared my impressions of Musselburgh and mentioned more shops to come. This block, same side as the dentist, is a mixed bunch. Imperial Barber Shop offering "traditional cuts", Simply Flowers florist shop, and the fish shop on the corner. The flower shop took centre-stage so let's take a look inside. Musselburgh,... Continue Reading →

Musselburgh Character

We've been away for two days.. more in future posts. I want to go back to our Dunedin trip on Thursday 17 January. Nigel (OH and landscape architect) needed to visit a job in Musselburgh so on arrival in Dunedin we drove straight to that suburb with just a little time to spare. He parked... Continue Reading →

Colour Gardens

One of the delights of summer down in the south of New Zealand is to visit the colour beds at the Dunedin Botanic Gardens. I took photos of them in the quickly fading light on Thursday 17 January 2019. At this stage of the season some of the plants are a bit overgrown or past... Continue Reading →

Aussie Flowers: Kangaroo Paw

I love to walk down through the Australian Garden at the Dunedin Botanic Gardens at this time of year (mid-summer in New Zealand). On Thursday I was immediately greeted by green-coloured kangaroo paw and my heart SANG - I knew there would be more colours and they all make a great show! I don't know... Continue Reading →

Into The Gardens

In Dunedin our motel was very close to the Dunedin Botanic Gardens so we were easily able to spend some time there, even though our time in Dunedin was short. Between us, we have a few photos of our mid-summer experience of these beautiful gardens even though we didn't have a lot of time! These... Continue Reading →

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