Something Fishy

I’ve already mentioned that Nigel parked near a fish shop at Musselburgh last week and we got out of the car to find that the air ponged of fish. The shop looked interesting though and later I returned to have a closer look.

Musselburgh, Dunedin, New Zealand. Photos taken by Liz 17 Jan 2019

As soon as we got out of the car we saw something fishy on the side of the fish shop. There’s another fish up in the top-left corner of my photo.


A series of pictures are displayed above the entrance. To my amusement this section seems to show “a school of fish”. Click on the photo to enlarge


A notice on the door advised that the shop doesn’t have eftpos available


Something fishy, similar to the first photo but slightly larger


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

6 thoughts on “Something Fishy

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    1. Really strong smell that isn’t very nice (like a smelly swamp) or perhaps even unbearable (like the smell of a sewage pond). Nigel says “pong” is also used in the UK as well. The fish smell was not very pleasant at all but didn’t smell rotten – just a strong fish smell!

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    1. Yes, I hope that’s the case! It was an overwhelming “fish” smell rather than an “off” smell so I’d certainly be willing to give them a go!


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