Ahead On Points

This impressive stag with massive antlers is in the deer park at Bannerman Park, Gore, Southland, New Zealand. We walked into town yesterday despite terrible weather and were rewarded when we found the stag near the fence. Nigel had his cellphone and took photos from which I’ve made a selection and cropped as needed.




Branching Out

Text by Liz, Photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

23 thoughts on “Ahead On Points

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    1. He is, and I suspect he knows it! I think the weight of his antlers is enough to slow him down – he moves his head slowly and very gracefully. Kay is way ahead of me on points for word wizardry!

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    1. You might well enjoy the Portraits of Wildflowers blog Kay. Steve is a real wordsmith and excellent observer of nature / photographer. The comment conversations on his blog are often very entertaining!

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    1. That observation is spot on Tanja! I was just saying to Ann that the weight of the antlers seems to slow him down and he moves his head slowly and gracefully. I think it is quite a burden for him to carry!

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    1. Ha! Just re-read the comments and realised you’d outwitted me with the “staggering” pun! Duh..very funny, and well done Kay! Chuckling away to myself 🙂 I can see I’m going to have to be more on the ball in future!

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