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In yesterday’s post I shared my impressions of Musselburgh and mentioned more shops to come. This block, same side as the dentist, is a mixed bunch. Imperial Barber Shop offering “traditional cuts”, Simply Flowers florist shop, and the fish shop on the corner. The flower shop took centre-stage so let’s take a look inside.

Musselburgh, Dunedin, New Zealand. Thurs 17 January 2019

musselburgh02_01Not just a florist.. and more than Simply Flowers! Florist, Celebrant, Wedding Stylist/Specialist. Donna in her Musselburgh shop.

Website:  Simply Flowers

Boat display shelves


Street frontage.. note the sign for the “Little love Chapel”


I was invited to take a look downstairs… it was like going down into a crypt! Narrow stairs led down to a dark basement but when the lights were switched on I found a magical space with colourful displays of home/gift ware and the “Little love Chapel” to the side.


Closer view of the chapel..


Homeware and gift items in the colourful display area downstairs. This display is opposite the entrance to the chapel.


Wall hanging at the bottom of the staircase.


Far end of the basement, children’s area


Simply Flowers is a real treasure and goes way beyond the average flower shop. Its easy to just unwind here, relax, and enjoy browsing the homeware and gift displays at both levels.

The flower shop and barber shop are side-by-side. I’ll leave you with photos of the flower shop front window, their shared frontage, and a shot of the barber shop itself. The fish shop is another story altogether, it’ll feature in my next post!

Simply Flowers front window display, nearby villa reflected in window


Imperial Barber Shop and Simply Flowers shared frontage


Imperial Barber Shop


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

Website Link:   Simply Flowers

7 thoughts on “All About Love

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  1. I’ve seen many changes in the Musselburgh shopping area, but Donna’s Simply Flowers shop has stayed the distance and she adds a refreshing colour and style. I love seeing what she has in her window displays. Her flowers are always beautifully put together; I always choose her flowers to send as gifts.

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    1. What a beautiful flower shop and thank you for your lovely testimonial – it confirms what I thought was surely true, that Donna and her flower shop are a treasure!


  2. What a fantastic shop! I love the idea of branching out and having shop within shops. In a society that seems to be moving online so many shops seem to struggle to stay afloat so it makes sense to have more options if they are all done well like in this shop.

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