Musselburgh Character

We’ve been away for two days.. more in future posts. I want to go back to our Dunedin trip on Thursday 17 January. Nigel (OH and landscape architect) needed to visit a job in Musselburgh so on arrival in Dunedin we drove straight to that suburb with just a little time to spare. He parked near a fish shop and oh boy! when we got out of the car did that place pong! We crossed the road and went to a great little coffee shop / bar / restaurant named “Brew” for refreshments.


Nigel went off to his work and I knew I had at least half-an-hour to wander around and explore. Just near Brew I found this cool little alley with a tiny garden. The red boxes are Post Office boxes.


The small trees in the narrow garden had interesting shapes..


I like Musselburgh but haven’t spent much time there and wanted to find what makes it tick.. why do I get this feeling that its special? A little further along the street I found this colourful door, a strong contrast to the matt black wall. Astelia ‘Silver Spear’ (NZ-native) is displayed to advantage in a tall matt-black planter.


At the end of this block of shops was a pretty little garden that included bright nasturtium flowers, a native cabbage tree and ferns.


Here the properties change to mostly residential. There’s some lovely older houses in the area. Only a couple of houses along I found this enticing property..


See what I mean? Enticing.


And just a wee bit further is a motel that we’ve happily stayed at quite often. The Arcadian Motel is special because two rooms are part of an old villa. The room that you see in the centre of this photo is really lovely. Its large with a king-size bed and has a fair-dinkum pressed tin ceiling. Gorgeous!


Crossing to the other side of the street, I started with the bus stop, mainly because I saw a “Lime” e-scooter there. Its an entirely new transport option in Dunedin and had only started a couple of days before – this was the first one I’d seen.


Behind the bus shelter is a rather delightful house that’s a dental practice. I’ve visited here a few times myself and its much nicer to enter this welcoming house than to go to the typical dental clinic.


Further along this side of the street is a block of interesting shops (which I’ll leave for another post) however I’ll finish with a house that’s on the same side of the street but around the bend from the village, in the direction of the city. When Nigel returned to collect me he had the car on the opposite side of the street.. he got a phone call so I spent the time taking photos!



So what do I like about Musselburgh? Its friendly.. when I go there I feel right at home. And it has loads of character.

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

— Links for Businesses featured in this post —

Brew  |  Arcadian Motel  |  Dentistry on Musselburgh

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  1. I loved reading this and seeing ‘my hood’ through your eyes Liz. It’s all very familiar indeed after thirty four years here, but served up through your eyes it somehow makes me see it with afresh. Thank you.

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  2. Musselburgh is a charming suburb, it appears to be a wonderful place to visit and live too! That house is enticing, I love the arbor of intertwined branches that looks like holly and the lattice work on the house is beautiful. How thoughtful of you to provide the links! The Brew’s food stimulates my appetite, I would be a daily patron were I fortunate enough to live there. The Dentistry link is an excellent advertising ploy with all those happy faces of happy clients, well done indeed! The Arcadian Hotel sounds like just the place to stay after a meal at the Brew. Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

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