Food and Fibre

In Dunedin I found that an Art Fibre Exhibition was currently showing at the Community Gallery and we both had a look. It was hugely interesting! I’ve headed this Food and Fibre because that’s what popped into my head… the artist I profile in this post had at least three food-related works on display. Today I’d like to show you this fabric book. Why this first? Because this morning Sharon Mann who has the WP blog “Make Art … Magic Happens” posted about a beautiful art book she’s making into which she’ll add “small watercolor paintings of California Wildflowers” and it prompted me to start my post with this art book that I saw at the exhibition.

fabric_book_01_752wHow to Make an Expressionist Frittata by Susan Nunn (2014)

First, here’s the poster for the exhibition. I saw the poster at the public library.


The recipe book “has become a visual archive of natural dyeing recipes,…” NB. I’ve included an image of the full textual description further down in this post.


I guess the glove was so that one can look at other pages but I was keeping well away from all exhibits so that I wasn’t tempted to touch anything!

fabric_book_03Photo by Nigel

fabric_book_04Photo by Nigel

Description that accompanied the fabric recipe book “How to Make an Expressionist Frittata (2014) by Susan Nunn…


Here’s a larger copy of the book photo (click on the photo to enlarge, then click again for full-size)


A friendly and informative introduction to Art Fibre Dunedin


The group also has an interesting blog with further information

Update 26 Jan 2019: I’ve published three blog-posts that each describe a different work by Susan Nunn in the exhibition. Click on this link to see all three

Text by Liz, photos by Liz except two attributed to Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)



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  1. Ms Liz, kaymckenziecooke, Ann Mackay and Leya,

    Thank you all for your kind words about my work and the Art Fibre Exhibition in total. I have completed a Bachelor of Visual Art (Hon) through the Dunedin School of Art, Otago Polytechnic. The recipe book was my 2nd year work beginning my exploration of food and food waste…I used all sorts of food stuffs to dye if possible using natural mordants like vinegar and salt. The recipes are the how to…dyeing except for one Frittata that used many of the ingredients that had been used in the dyeing process. And yes the gloves were for looking through the books.

    This work had been shown at an International Food Conference held at Otago Polytechnic Culinary School to which I had been invited to present a paper on Art and Food.

    Art Fibre Dunedin has a blogspot and a Facebook page and we have an email list that people outside Dunedin can be part of. Ann Mackay we would love to hear from you about your groups experiences. Maybe exchange ideas etc.

    Thank you
    Susan Nunn

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  2. That’s an exhibition I’d have enjoyed seeing! In 2010 I started a little textile-art group with a couple of friends and it’s grown into the best thing ever. 🙂

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