After Dinner

After Dinner is a work by Susan Nunn, viewed at the Community Gallery on Friday 18 January, Dunedin, New Zealand … an eye-catching and sizable exhibit. Being a non-sewer myself I was incredulous to see a whole table-load of fabric “fast food” and “packaging”.



This is about contemporary society’s acceptance of food and packaging waste when it comes to fast food “an instant meal”.

“This work suggests the transformation has taken place in our culture due to fast foods and food wastage: the death of the dinner table as an indicator of commensality – eating together slowly in community.”  —  from the info sheet about the exhibit (below)

Click on the image to enlarge (you may need to click again for full-size)


Update 26 Jan 2019: I’ve published three blog-posts that each describe a different work by Susan Nunn in the exhibition. Click on this link to see all three

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Once again thank you all for the wonderfully supportive comments about my work This is the first outing for this work since the Dunedin School of Art Site Exhibition at the end of my Honours year. The food represents the five major takeaway food groups, McDonald’s (Burgers), KFC (Chicken), Domino’s (Pizza), Chinese, Fish and Chips and their waste packaging. If you look around any Food Court you will see many tables that are littered like this. The food and packaging is seen to be cheap and disposable.. I had a lot of fun (in hindsight) looking for techniques and ways of interpreting the food and packaging. There is cutlery and crockery embedded in the table cloth to demonstrate the demise of the traditional dinner table experience and the lack of interaction with family.

    There is a large number of hours work in creating this exhibit but very satisfying now it is completed.

    Thank you

    Susan Nunn

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