Humungous Dragonfly

dsc03279Click on the photo to enlarge (you may need to click again for full-size). Photo used with permission from The Wandering Moa

Apparently spelt “humongous” for Americans. I admit I’ve got some particular readers in mind as I post this: Mike Powell who photographs dragonflies in Virginia USA and young Benjamin who follows Mike’s blog and with the help of his Gram enthusiastically inspects all the detail of Mike’s photos.

Just two days ago I found a New Zealand blog newly started in early January – The Wandering Moa. Lili published a post about her first alpine tramp (serious hike) and her story included the encounter with this fabulous dragonfly as she was walking through an area of native beech forest. She kindly granted me permission to share the photo. The orange triangle is the standard plastic symbol used to mark walking tracks here. This is one massive dragonfly!

So where is this? Lili was tramping through one of the great scenic alpine areas in New Zealand, in the central part of the North Island. There are three large volcanic cones named Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe (considered a vent of the Tongariro complex). They are in the Tongariro National Park. She was doing the Tongariro Northern Circuit.

Her post includes a selection of other photos from her first day’s walk that give you a good idea of the scenery and environment. Here is the link:

Tongariro Northern Circuit: Day 1, Tussocks and Warm Welcomes

Also, if you’d like to read more about these volcanoes you could begin with a page by the Department of Conservation – Central North Island volcanoes

Text by Liz; dragonfly photo used with permission. Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. I’ve seen big ones flying around here in NZ but never had one come and land nearby like Lili was fortunate to witness with this character! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

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  1. Just as soon as I read the words next to “Exploring Colour – new post” that reads “Humungous Dragonfly”, I knew this was definitely a must see for Benjamin. Fortunately, he is here on Wednesday and is perched on my lap as I type. I wish you could have seen his expression as the enlarged photo popped onto the screen…pure ecstasy and a “WOW Gem, that is humongous!” He then proceeded to examine every aspect of his beloved Dragonfly. Benjamin is an ardent fan of Mr. Mike’s photos in general and Dragonflies in particular, as you well know. Benjamin said : “Tell Ms. Liz that I love this, send a kiss and a neck-buster hug too!” It just doesn’t get any better than that! Thank-you so much!

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    1. I’m more than repaid knowing Benjamin enjoyed the NZ dragonfly so much, and the kiss and neck-buster hug are a sweet bonus! Love and hugs to you two 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Mike Powell and commented:
    Many of you know that I love dragonflies. I actively search for them not only in Northern Virginia, where I live, but also on work trips to Belgium and Austria. Liz, a fellow blogger from New Zealand, knows that I suffer from dragonfly withdrawal during the winter and posted this image to help me deal with my symptoms. Be sure to check out the other cool postings on her blog, Exploring Colour.

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