Railway Station and Hotel

Invercargill is at the south end of the South Island of New Zealand. On the other side of the block from the main street, the west side of the inner city, you’ll find a very beautiful railway hotel on which sits the elegant wind vane that I showed you in  Wind Vane, Invercargill. Across from the hotel is the railway station. Nigel was sole photographer this day and in addition to taking photos of the hotel for me, he also crossed the street and got some interesting shots of the railway station.

For:  Which Way Photo Challenge January 10, 2019

Photos taken by Nigel 11 Jan 2019. Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand

Railway Station


Hotel reflections in railway station windows



Victoria Railway Hotel (1896)



The date on this part of the building, below, is 1907


The hotel looks beautiful despite the less salubrious surroundings


Victoria Railway Hotel website

Text by Liz, Photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

10 thoughts on “Railway Station and Hotel

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  1. Very grand, if seemingly out of place in those surroundings, Liz! Somehow I was expecting elaborate grounds, forgetting you had said in the wind vane post it was in the city. Great captures of the hotel reflecting in the opposite windows, Nigel!

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    1. Sadly there are no grounds around these buildings. All very spartan. Conversely, the Dunedin Railway Station is a stunning building that IS set in beautiful grounds and what a difference it makes!

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