Lets Go Orange!

Cloth shopping bag. Nigel opened a magazine this morning and the bag was inside. Taken by Liz

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  1. I am such a dunce! I do remember Jodi’s lovely little Lizard, Ms. Liz! I must confess that I did not read the comments that preceded my comment on that post, there were so many of them. This then explains why Ms. Liz had a familiar ring to it, but it did not register in my mind where it had originated. Benjamin will be delighted, as “My Jodi” is his heroine. Of course, now I will go back in Jodi’s archive to read the comments. I must also confess that I had not as yet “followed” your new blog, that has just been remedied. Your “Exploring Colour” posts show up in my inbox as just that, not “Ms. Liz, Exploring Colour”. I must confess one more thing…this “Like” star process is unavailable to me, probably because I do not have a WordPress account, hence no cute picture with my name either. I never knew exactly what a “Like” meant, assuming that people liked the post, not that they simply read it. Might I just also say, blogdom is quite confusing for this nonblogger. I must also say…Thank-you, you have been most kind and patient! Do consider this post “Liked”!

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    1. Thanks for the “follow” on my new blog Ellen! What you said made me realise you probably don’t know when I put a “Like” on your comments unless you come back to the web page again. Live and learn! A WP account like mine is free, you could join up and not blog. That way you can use the WP Reader and get the notifications via the bell. The “Like” can be used in different ways. Generally speaking I only put a “Like” on posts I genuinely like but sometimes use it for secondary reasons – to encourage someone, or to show I’ve read something. If someone I enjoy following did an occasional post I find pretty ordinary I’d still put a Like on it to encourage them and to show that I’ve visited.


  2. It is my habit after leaving a comment, to come back to a post of those bloggers who respond to the comments, to read their comments on the comments…hope that seems clearer to you than it does to me and I wrote it! Yesterday, when I first read this post Benjamin was with me and pointed out something that I had missed, he is so observant and all about the details. When I came back later to leave my comment, I had forgotten his observation and question. He noticed that your little red emblem (I never know exactly what they are called in blogdom) is the same but your name is different. I totally missed that transition and for some unknown reason, that came back to me this morning (my mind is an unfathomable place) and I decided to come back to “explore” and unravel this conundrum for Benjamin and I. By backtracking, I was able to discover that it was a very recent change that answers the when and I’m still wondering how I failed to notice it anyhow…but, it doesn’t answer the why? Thank-you!


    1. Good Grief! I was called away during the composing of that interminable comment and quickly added the thank-you before tapping the post comment button. Upon reflection, I thought perhaps it might seem rather rude and so have come back in the attempt to amend the last line. Benjamin’s curiosity probably comes from the way that he identifies the posts that appear amidst my inbox, by recognition of the names of those he likes and “Exploring Colour” is one of them. He knows his letters and many words, as we are read aloud together everyday. The difference in your title with the little picture most likely stood out to him for this reason. Feel free to ignore our curiosity! I often wonder though, how exactly does a blogger know that there are comments on a previous posts…does a little bell notify you or something of that nature? For instance, I posted a comment to your comment on my comment on “Wow, I see orange” and wondered if you would ever know of its existence and read it (although of no great importance). If in fact you have, then you may be wishing by now that I had not set that goal! Yet again and as always, Thank-you!

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      1. Dear Ellen, I have read and understood everything you said. You might like to share with the sharp-eyed Benjamin that my new name comes from the wonderful lizard post that Jodi did with her watercolour of “Ms. Liz”. Now for the “why”. I’ve recently started a new blog named Dancing In The Current and I realised my “name” only reflected my original blog. It didn’t take long before I thought of Jodi’s post and I got her ok to use the lizard’s name! Now in WP Reader a post from this blog is shown as “Ms. Liz, Exploring Colour” and from the new blog as “Ms. Liz, Dancing In The Current”. Because you own up to not doing “Likes” I can’t tell if you saw my recent post introducing my new blog – here’s the link if you haven’t seen it. But first, to answer your other question… comments do indeed come through to me under a “bell” icon and I did read the comment you made on the other post and I put a “Like” on it. If you decide to follow the link to my new blog, you’ll find I’m doing a monthly feature on the “Home” page and blog-posts are on the “Blog” page. I put up a newly written poem last night about eating cherries! This link is to my post introducing the new blog: https://exploringcolour.wordpress.com/2019/01/09/jan-2019-cover-queenstown-elm/


  3. What a delightful surprise to find in the pages of a magazine! Orange has always been Benjamin’s favorite color, “ornange” as he once pronounced it, was the only crayon he would use no matter what was pictured on the page. I read somewhere that orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. That still remains an apt description of Benjamin! Thank-you!

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