Its crazy.. I’m so pathetically grateful to see orange re-installed in the interface. I glanced at my screen and realised the “Traffic” bar chart that shows Views and Visitors had an orange bar for todays statistics. And as I write this my publish button is orange! Oh joy! Not sure how this will look, the Post Format is an “Aside” 🙂

PS. I should have stated earlier that My “dashboard color scheme” is set to “Classic Blue”

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  1. The new orange is… better than the old pink, but I still like the original bright orange better. On the positive side, my WordPress desktop app retains the original color scheme, which is great.

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  2. I may well be the only soul that hasn’t a clue as to what any one of you are talking about!?! I chalk this up to the fact that I am merely a follower, not one of the bloggers. Could you perhaps translate this unfathomable language into words that I might understand? It is my curiosity that bids me to ask! Thank-you!


    1. Hi Ellen! An example is that us bloggers have a bar chart that shows how many visitors and views our site has had. The current day’s bar always showed orange until recently. One becomes quite attached to the barometer that shows the level of response to one’s blogging – didn’t appreciate WP changing it without warning (to what in my opinion was a hideous pink). If you read blog-posts in the WP Reader you may notice that when you “Like” a post the star just changes to a darker blue now, before it used to turn orange. I find it difficult when catching up on a lot of posts to know where I finished off last or what I’ve missed. Hence why I’m very unhappy with WP!


      1. Hello right back! I have become what I call, a lazy follower…always reading posts but failing to comment, an unpardonable offense to be sure. I would like to chalk it up to time constraints or some such other acceptable cause, but as I am retired and my only pressing responsibility is entertaining a 5 year old, it is what it sounds like…an unacceptable excuse for my shoddy behavior. As we already find ourselves at the end of the second week in the new year it is too late to make a resolution (not that I make them anyway) to improve my shortcoming. I do however set goals and this shall be a goal…to at least acknowledge each post and to attempt to rein in my propensity for loquacity when I do comment. The first part is within the realm of possibility for being achieved, the second part is questionable at best! More to the point, your response to my comment does somewhat clarify the mysterious world that bloggers inhabit. I follow many WordPress blogs, but cannot “like” a post, the reason is most likely simple but it mystifies me! I do notice that when I place my little arrow over the blue star it becomes orange and the returns to blue after moving off of it. Thank-you!

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    1. Hi Sarah! I’ve suggested to WP that they retain this “Classic Blue” as well as offering “Classic Blue Original” – both with the orange contrast. Then people can choose their preferred blue (I like the new blue but there are others like yourself that prefer the original blue). WP have introduced this very badly!


    1. Good for you Ali. Life’s easy for you because pink is what WP imposed on us all. I’ve spent quite a bit of time today kicking up a fuss about them removing the orange. (Originally their blue colour scheme, the only other option available, didn’t retain the orange colour).


    1. Hi Pepix! You need to change from the “Classic Bright” that WP has imposed on you to “Classic Blue”. They’ve now put orange back into SOME functions in the “Classic Blue” so its a partial improvement. If you don’t know where to go to change it, please ask me and I’ll get you to it 🙂

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