Amazingly I’ve located another wind vane in Gore. I spotted it recently from the passenger side of the car as we drove down a side street. It sits on a shed roof on a private residential property. Wikipedia advises three names for these – weather vane, wind vane or weathercock. I guess this is a true weathercock! Today I did a little detour while walking home to sneak onto the neighbouring vacant section and get photos.

For:  Weather Vane Wednesday Challenge – Jan 02, 2019

To my surprise I found that the challenge host, Timelesslady had also posted rooster weather vanes this time round.. what a coincidence!




Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. I’m just putting together tomorrow’s challenge post. Thanks so much for this great link back to last week’s post. I’ll include a link tomorrow. Thanks again!

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    1. I agree totally Ann! Using the German name Wetterhahn provided by Pepix I searched on Google Images and found some lovely German weathercocks beautifully painted. Takes the weather vane to a whole new level!

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