Common Tussock Butterfly

At Moa Flat we also saw an occasional butterfly. Nigel managed to get a photo of a butterfly with its wings open and I got a smaller photo of the underside of a butterfly's wing. After looking online it seems our butterfly is probably a Common Tussock aka Tussock Ringlet. Scientific name is Argyrophenga antipodum.... Continue Reading →

Barbs, Thorns, Spears

These barbs, thorns and spears were all photographed by myself and Nigel when we stopped at Moa Flat on our way home from Central Otago on 12 January 2019. Poking around outside is generally pretty safe in New Zealand but you still need to take care and stay alert. Our native nettle is a total... Continue Reading →

Anglican Wind Vane

I've often walked past this Anglican church in Gore but hadn't noticed a wind vane on the tower until just the other day. It looks very shiny so perhaps its new or has replaced an older one. Roosters seem to be popular, again we have a weathercock. For:  Weather Vane Wednesday Challenge - Jan 30,... Continue Reading →

Bright Spot, Red

We visited Maple Glen Gardens on 26 January and were both very taken with the showy bright red dahlias. We found the gardens to be particularly colourful at this time of year and the dahlias are especially eye-catching! It was a very windy afternoon and the photography was challenging. Maple Glen is at Glenham, near... Continue Reading →

Toetoe (Cortaderia species)

In 2011 toetoe was reclassified to the Austroderia genus but I'm used to it being called Cortaderia. Austroderia richardii is the main South Island form. These are large clump grasses with iconic flower heads like pennants atop a long stiff stalk. They are very showy at this time of year (summer) especially in the late... Continue Reading →

Summer Hydrangeas

We've been seeing some lovely hydrangeas lately - I'd forgotten that they flower through the summer.  In order to deal with our mounting number of hydrangea photos, I thought I'd best do a hydrangea post. Its a mix of pink, white and blue hydrangea flowers. Gore Public Gardens This gorgeous deep pink (almost maroon) hydrangea... Continue Reading →

Tree Colours. Striped hedge. Trees to left and centre are both natives. Pittosporum species (left) and Purple Ake Ake or Akeake (Dodonaea viscosa) in the centre. Gore, New Zealand.

Summer Sea, St Clair

Some of you enjoyed my  See The Sea  post about a winter visit to a small cafe by the salt water pool at St Clair, Dunedin. We did a spur-of-the-moment trip to Dunedin yesterday and stayed overnight, then returned for a summer visit to the cafe this morning. I looked out the cafe window and... Continue Reading →

Bright-Eyed Bus

Look at this travelling bus with bright friendly eyes! We headed out for a walk this morning and decided to visit a cafe in Gore. While walking down the street in town we spied this interesting bus. The couple who owned it were there and we chatted a bit, mostly because a name was painted... Continue Reading →

Art Fibre Snippet

Susan Nunn has very kindly taken the time to respond to each of my posts about her exhibits at the Art Fibre Exhibition in Dunedin, New Zealand. Her comments came through this afternoon - each post has its own individual response providing extensive information about the particular work and her art. To read her responses... Continue Reading →

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