Lake Dunstan, Central Otago

Lake Dunstan, Central Otago, New Zealand. Taken by Nigel recently. Click on photo to enlarge

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  1. Interesting low perspective, Liz. You’re making me work to figure out what I’m looking at! “Reader” is displaying another photo of this spot that you posted from August 2017 below this post which is giving me some clues. This spring version with those colors and clouds is inviting.

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    1. Lake Dunstan was created by the construction of the Clyde Dam and stretches out for a long distance into Central Otago. Clyde is the lovely little town with lots of old stone cottages and other historic buildings that I’ve posted about previously.

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      1. I’ve just had a look on Google Maps and wow, that is something with the lake stretching between the mountains. I love being able to get a bird’s eye view of new places and I picked out a lot of the spots you and Nigel visit.

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  2. An unusual and terrific picture – -I love all the horizontal bands. We see so many nice landscapes here on WP, and some days can only spend a few seconds to admire, and then *click* move on, but this shot fully caught my eye, so compliments to Nigel.

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    1. They are lovely colours Pepix! Nigel thinks the yellow is Californian Poppies i.e. Eschscholzia californica and the light green patches are sedum. There’s been a lot of rain so far this season and the hillside is way more colourful than usual for this time of year!

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