Lit Up for Christmas

Last night I suggested to Nigel that we drive to Invercargill to look at the street decorations. As we were driving into the city we saw this private house all lit up for Christmas. It was amazing how much work they’d invested in dressing up their property for the festive season. Photos taken by Liz and Nigel 07 Dec 2018. Southland, New Zealand

If you look in the top window below you can see a ghostly Santa figure. There was some kind of movie projection where you could see Santa busily wrapping things and then sometimes he’d glance out the window and wave!

These photos are all taken from the footpath that runs past the property.




Photo (below): To the right is an inflated Santa-driving-a-four-wheeler, much larger than you’d think from seeing it here


In this photo (below) you can see the front of the four-wheeler in the far-right bottom corner, its a pretty big object


Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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        1. Yes there are competitions here but not usually run by a neighbourhood. It would usually be a town or city-wide competition. We found a notice on this house that they are part of an Invercargill competition sponsored by one of the main real estate companies.

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