Heads Up, Waikaia

Another interesting aside that dates back to our Waikaia trip on 20 October 2018. After we’d arrived and parked outside the pub we went for a bit of a walk. We found ourselves on this street with houses down one side and a wide tree-lined grassy verge on the other. It looked inviting so we wandered down there and were bemused to find that the fence dividing the verge from an adjoining farm paddock was adorned with old weathered deer skulls complete with antlers, each fence post having its own “decoration”. There were lots of them. Nigel chose to photograph this one with the beautiful background scenery.

This is a crop from the original photo. The bridge that you can see in the image spans the Waikaia River. To go to Piano Flat we cross the bridge and turn right.


Next is the original photo as Nigel took it…


And then looking at the photo while editing, I wondered what on earth the thing on the fence post is below the skull. After zooming in… judging by the tusks, it appears to be the jaw from a pig.


No prizes for guessing that deer and pig hunting are popular here!

Text by Liz, photo by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. That is an impressive set of antlers, though I am not sure that it is what I would choose for a decorative touch. They certainly make an impression. I am not sure if the antlers and the jawbone are intended to impress passers-by or to serve as a warning to similar animals. In either case, they make interesting subjects for some photos.

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    1. I’d imagine a person or people who live in the house(s) across the road enjoy being reminded of their previous successful hunts. I don’t know if their neighbours are so keen on the decorations but perhaps they are. Could even be a result of neighbourly competitiveness!


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