Waikaia Happiness

Happiness is… a trip to Waikaia. We enjoy a trip into the back country so much and the village of Waikaia in the middle of nowhere is a fantastic place to go. Nigel and I went there on 20 October. I’ve already shared some photos from that day’s trip – we covered a lot of ground and Waikaia was a big part of it. These photos are some of the things that really made it an awesome trip. Waikaia, Southland, New Zealand. Liz 20 Oct 2018

For:  Lens-Artists Photo Challenge : Happiness is… [topic chosen by Leya]

Waikaia Happiness

Wakaia is a long way from the highway but you can still go much further, off the seal and onto a gravel road until you eventually reach Piano Flat where you’re allowed to camp and where some people have basic holiday cottages. You can access walking tracks into the bush and there’s a wonderful huge grassy area with a river running alongside.

Here’s Nigel enjoying the ambience


Slightly further upstream, with native beech forest behind the river


Nigel was so relaxed that I had to take a photo of him. His happiness at being out here is plain to see 🙂


We both love this little turret house on someone’s holiday property


We enjoyed these fabulous ice-creams that we got back in the Waikaia village. Nigel’s is Licorice and mine is After Dinner Mint. Yum.. made us VERY happy. They were probably our first post-winter ice-creams!


— Final photo by Nigel. Other photos by Liz

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. For a place that you can drive to ie. easy to access, its super wonderful. The gravel road to Piano Flat goes even further. With a 4WD you can drive all the way into Central Otago, we’ve seen where it comes out to the highway at the other end. Replying to you made me think of it!

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