Arrowtown in Spring

I still have photos taken in an Arrowtown residential street from when we visited on 27 October 2018. This was right in the spring blossom time. Here is a lovely cottage with wisteria blooming under the tracery of the verandah and a layer of fallen cherry blossom petals coating the hedge and street verge. On a different tree I took a shot up into the cherry blossom, and a little further from the cottage on the opposite side of the street I found another large patch of fallen cherry blossom.




Arrowtown, New Zealand.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. I don’t remember a scent but it was a lovely gentle warm day, one when you feel especially thankful to be alive. I felt mortified because the door suddenly opened and a lady came out as I had my cellphone camera trained on the front verandah. She ignored me but I know it must be a pain living in a small town that attracts lots of tourists and I hastily beat a retreat!

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      1. Yes, I’ve been caught with my camera pointing at something, and someone suddenly arriving on the scene. It is a little unnerving…someone might think I’m creepy or a stalker.

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    1. Its been a wonderful spring! Recently we’ve had lots of rain, now we’ve got lots of wind and it feels like spring is over. We’re heading into early summer (officially Dec 01 is the beginning of summer in NZ).

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      1. I remember your rain, and your flooded rivers. It seems that everywhere the climatic changes are worsening. I find this very scary. We, too, get spring winds, and those are probably my least favorite weather. Hard to believe that December has almost arrived. I hope your summer will not be too hot!
        Best wishes,

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        1. Thank you Tanja! Right now we’re buying a house in the lovely little village of Tapanui. We’ve wanted to have a property there since we first found the town about 10 or more years ago. On Friday, all going well, we’ll own the house.

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