Mataura in Flood at Gore

We walked down to the Mataura River from home yesterday morning to see what the water levels were like after virtually constant rain from Sunday through Tuesday. This is a selection from my photos. Gore, Southland, New Zealand

For photos taken on a normal fine day see  Across the Bridge

Town side of the river (the side we live on)




Looking up the river from the middle of the bridge


The “other side” of the bridge




The stalky things are flower heads of native flax sticking up out of the water



Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

13 thoughts on “Mataura in Flood at Gore

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    1. Its monitored pretty closely. I think its a long time since there’s been anything serious. In the old days there were serious floods but now there’s stopbanks and flood management. I did a very quick online search before replying and I see in Nov 2017 the authorities have determined from modelling that stopbanks need to be lifted half a metre at the lower end of Gore. There is ongoing management of willow trees so that willow doesn’t clog up the flood channel. So no harm done when we have “normal” flooding!

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      1. That sounds very reassuring.
        The southern part of New York, especially along the Susquehanna (the longest river in the east) keeps having flood damage, but the little river in my hometown was turned into a canal, many years ago, with locks and gates, etc. and never causes much mischief.

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