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This morning we took a walk from home down to the Mataura River to see the river in flood. We’ve had almost endless rain since Sunday night until we woke up this morning (Wednesday) to find it had stopped. We were walking across the bridge and had neared the other side when I glanced down and noticed a determined postie was driving their scooter through a flooded lane by the river. I got a shot just as the postie successfully exited the floodwater.

For:  Which Way Photo Challenge 15 November, 2018

Postie Riding Their Motorised Scooter Through Flood

The flooded lane by the river was closed to traffic. Also, see that pretty laburnum with yellow flowers…


Here’s a shot of the laburnum


The postie successfully navigated the floodwater (click on the photo to enlarge)


Mataura River and the flooded lane. The stalky looking things out in the main river are flower stalks of our native flax, the flax bush itself being completely submerged


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)


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    1. NZ having plenty of mountains and hills – when it rains, a lot of water drains into the rivers and they rise, and the water flows down in very high volumes as you see here. I’d imagine the same sort of thing would happen in Scotland?

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      1. Scotland seems to be not too bad for flooding – maybe because some areas have a very low population, so flooding in those won’t cause so many problems but I do remember bad damage to a country road with landslips one year. I think England does worse for flooding because the rain just doesn’t drain away so well and probably because there has been too much building on river flood plains. There are water meadows near us here (with a river running through)and they flood but then drain after a few days and it keeps the flood water in an area where it does no harm. (We live in the east of England now.)

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