Port of Call

At Bluff, Nigel and I are sitting in the car eating fish and chips – parked on a street up the hill to get a good view of the port and harbour. We see two tugboats moving toward the wharf area – both going in the same direction but one going bow-first and the other going stern-first. Weird! We finish the food and decide to drive to Stirling Point, I say that I want to see the lighthouse. Photos taken 13 Nov. Southland, New Zealand

At Bluff. View from the waterfront road toward Stirling Point Lighthouse


We start driving along the waterfront and hey, there’s a tugboat parked out there in the channel and oh! – there’s the other one. The next photo shows the first tugboat waiting on the other side of the channel and beyond is the aluminium smelter at Tiwai Point. The second tugboat is waiting further out to sea


We know that a ship must be arriving soon – must be a big ship I excitedly tell Nigel – I’d read that ships over a certain size must be accompanied by two tugboats. We look out to sea and this is what we see…


By this time we’ve parked, leaped out of the car and are both taking photos. The next photo shows Stirling Point Lighthouse, Dog Island Lighthouse (on an island way out beyond the ship), and a channel marker on the left

Click to enlarge (see the distant lighthouse on Dog Island – to right of ship)


Here is the ship “Luchow” (Hong Kong) approaching the first channel marker


Further Information

If you’d like to see the ship Luchow there are photos at  this website

Dog Island is about 5 Km from the entrance to Bluff Harbour. Here are a couple of links if you’d like to know more about Dog Island Lighthouse:

Maritime New Zealand

New Zealand Lighthouses

Text and Photos 1-3, 5 by Liz, Photo 4 by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. I know how you feel.. after the grey days of winter I’m treasuring any blue days like this! Right now we’re getting grey, rainy days and its gone pretty cool again. Darn!


  1. The sky and the sea are so wonderfully blue and bright in your photos. It’s totally the opposite here – grey and damp, so I’m trying not to be envious…….hehe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You needn’t be envious – it rained endlessly all day yesterday. Grey today. Supposed to be really wintery over the weekend and early part of next week. Not wonderful! I only take photos on nice days 🙂


        1. I wish! Rained all day yesterday, probably all night too, pouring with rain right now at 7.25am this morning (Monday here). On and on. Not likely to let up till end of Tues or maybe even Thurs. “Appalling weather”, Nigel just said! Cold too. So much for spring!!!


          1. Doesn’t seem right to click the ‘like’ button, so instead I’ll send you my best wishes for some lovely, sunny spring weather SOON!

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