Bluff Tsunami Which Way

For much of the south coast, if you’re near the sea then you’re also in a Tsunami Hazard Zone. Freaky if you have the misfortune to experience an earthquake while you’re there. When we were at Bluff on 13 Nov, specifically at Stirling Point, I saw this sign which I’ve never come across before. I laughed.. if the tsunami was that close, I wouldn’t have a chance. Seriously though, if I was at sea level on the south coast and felt an earthquake, I’d be racing for the high ground!

For:  Which Way Photo Challenge 15 November, 2018

Tsunami Hazard Sign near Stirling Point Lighthouse, Bluff
Southland, New Zealand



Photo (above): that’s the aluminium smelter in the background, across the channel at Tiwai Point.

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. When we lived in Alaska, we used to see similar signs along the coast. Luckily, we were never there when a tsunami was an actual danger. Based on some of the devastating tsunamis that have happened in my lifetime, I hope I never have to live through one.

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