Arrowtown Stone Cottage c1874

This beautiful stone cottage is very close to the main street of Arrowtown, just slightly up hill from the bakery. We’ve walked past it on our way back to the car many a time. It was up for sale again and no doubt its priceless – well beyond our reach anyway! Photos taken by Liz 27 Oct 2018. Arrowtown, Queenstown Lakes District, New Zealand



If you’d like to see more photos there’s plenty available online:

Real Estate listing with twenty photos

Holiday Accommodation listing

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Wow. I checked out the real estate listing and the cottage is really beautiful–I love all of the exposed stone in the interior and the stained glass windows are a nice touch, including in the bathroom with the spectacular claw-foot tub. I didn’t see what the price was, but the recent sales in the area make it seem like it is pretty expensive. When it says the sale is “by tender,” does that mean you make an offer and see if it is accepted?

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    1. Its sure a stunner Mike! I’m buying a property right now through the local agency of the same real estate company. I’m getting advice from our agent, who we’ve known for some time now, before getting back to you 🙂


    2. My local agent has provided me with a couple of informational links to help you: Buying by the tender process in NZ And, she advised that there have been recent changes in the Overseas Investment Act which place restrictions on overseas investors and gave a link to an information sheet on that (pdf): Mike, if you are then still interested in taking this further please let me know – she can assist with a referral to the Arrowtown office. How exciting! 🙂


          1. Yeah. I have read a lot about retiring overseas and a lot of places have different rules for being able to buy real estate. It seems like New Zealand has pretty restrictive rules about doing so. I find it fun, though, to mentally try on the possibility of a different life style in a different location.

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            1. We’ve had a very overheated property market for years now and the new Government decided to put a stop to it. They acted very decisively and fast! Its incredibly restrictive though – I’m amazed.

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